Senior Program Manager (Chengdu)

    Title: Senior Program Manager (Chengdu)

    Location:  Chengdu

    Reports to: Regional Program Head, Chengdu

    Major Function:  

    1. Assist the Director of Chengdu Regional Office in developing the regional development strategy for Chengdu regional office being rooted in Western China region;

    2. Responsible for corporate engagement to support the Chengdu regional conservation programmes in Western China;

    3. Act as the bridge between our regional professional teams (panda and snow leopard programmes etc.) and the corporate partners in the region.

    4. Responsible for demonstrating Chengdu Regional Office Corporate Engagement 2.0, which means closer collaboration, interaction and mutual improvements etc. through a win-win approach during the corporate engagement process with our regional programmes, such as panda programme and snow leopard programme.

    Main Responsibilities:

    1. Keep strategic thinking of how to further push the regional development affairs of Chengdu Regional Office, including reaching agreement with the regional director on the goal and objectives of regional development, considering and planning the road map, approaches and activities for achieving the goal and objectives.

    2. Visit the existing projects and the project areas in Western China region, including Sichuan, Shaanxi, Gansu, Qinghai, Chongqing etc., understand the on-going conservation projects and the needs of these projects from the corporate-engagement and public engagement point of view.

    3. Focusing on supporting corporate engagement for the conservation programmes related to Chengdu Regional Office through coordinating the regional programme teams, such as panda conservation programme and snow leopard conservation programme etc., to prepare high quality project proposals for the potential corporate partners and the public.

    4. Design and organize the campaigns or other activities for Chengdu regional office enhancing the impact and partnership with potential corporate partners at the regional level.

    5. Responsible for training and influencing the regional colleagues especially the programme implementation team members in order to help the team better communicate and cooperate with corporate partners and the public.

    6. Responsible for coaching the lower-level corporate-engagement officer in the region. 

    7. Responsible for the establishment and demonstration of Chengdu Regional Office Corporate Engagement 2.0, which means we need to be more active to engage the corporate partners into our projects and take the initiative to meet the practical needs and requests from corporate partners while educating them in the area of ecological conservation instead of simple response or reacting.

    8. Responsible for practicing systematic corporate engagement affairs management at regional level. In addition to the strategy development, planning and implementation, also focus on summarizing and internal sharing the best practices and lessons related to corporate engagement and developing the “Menu” for regional corporate engagement work.

    9. Perform other tasks designated by the supervisor.


    1.     At least Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree or above will be preferred.

    2.     At least 8-10 years experiences in relevant field, such as working the in the corporates or corporate engagement in NGOs etc.

    3.     Understanding the operation of Corporate SCR and strong skills of working with corporate partners.

    4.     Good knowledge and acute sense of working with different stakeholder groups of conservation in China.

    5.     Excellent communication skills, able to communicate effectively and efficiently. Good command of English.

    6.     Adapted to frequent travel in the mountainous areas in the project areas in western China.

    7.     Optimistic and determined, able to solve out the difficulties in tough situations.  

    8.     Innovative, willingness to update professional knowledge and skills.

    9.     Team worker, ability to respect and work well with people from different cultures and background.

    Contact information:

    Candidates should send a cover letter, CV in English and Chinese to

    Please indicate the applying position in title, salary expectation in Email and send them in attachment.