Consultant, Sustainable Food Consumption and Supply Chain

    Title: Consultant, Sustainable Sustainable Food Consumption and Supply Chain

    Reports to: Senior Program Officer, Sustainable Food Consumption and Supply Chain
    Location: Beijing

    Project Summary

    China has a population of 1.4 billion people, a sufficient food supply and a well-designed waste management system are essential to building a sustainable food consumption market in this vast country. If wealth continues to grow in China, food waste is likely to increase, which is a trend seen in many developing countries. But there is a change on the horizon: food service providers are beginning to understand the importance of combating waste in order to reduce business costs, protect the environment, and meet increasing customer demand for more sustainable operations. Chinese government has been taking measures in recent years to improve its waste management system naion-wide by calling for “Zero-Waste City” pilots. However, MSMEs (micro, small and medium-sized enterprises) which make up 97% of China's enterprises fall into a critical "gap" because they are often not the target audience for food waste reduction resources or campaigns. This project aims to close that gap by empowering China's MSMEs to respond to the food waste challenge. Simply put, reducing and better managing food waste is one of the easiest and most effective ways to mitigate the environmental impact of our food system and sustainably feed our communities.


    The consultant will provide sufficient support along the development of the EU Switch Asia “Pride on Our Plates” project:

    1. Provide day-to-day support on desk research, stakeholder mapping, data collection and development of project strategy;

    2. Participate in the engagement with relevant stakeholders; plan, coordinate, and organize relevant project expert meetings to carry out research projects;

    3. Working with public engagement department, assist relevant campaign activities, prepare and collect materials for important communication events (press releases, photos, etc.);

    4. Provide suggestions and comments for the project framework and participate in the discussion of project development;

    5. Assist in integrated suggestions on relevant policy recommendations;

    6. Other duties requested by the department manager

    Qualifications and requirements

    1.   Bachelor or Master degree in agriculture, environment, international management is preferred;

    2.   At least 2 years of experiences in the relevant area;

    3.   Experiences in agriculture, environment, familiar with the domestic and overseas situation of sustainable supply chain is preferred

    4.  Experiences in international NGOs, food service corporates,  and domestic project management and researches is preferred

    5.  Excellent interpersonal, negotiation, conflict resolution & issues management skills together with fluent Chinese and English verbal & written communication skills.

    6.  Ability to work autonomously & constructively within a team environment.

    7.  A commitment to work in accordance with OPF/WWF’s Values & behaviors & ways of working.

    Contact Information:

    Candidates should send an email with the title format: “Consultant-EU Switch Asia-CANDIDATE NAME”, containing a cover letter addressing the selection criteria together with a CV in English and Chinese as email attachments to, qualified candidates will be contacted within 7 days after the reception of the email.